Since 1989 I have devoted my professional experience of 35 years to the creation of plucked instruments in my own master workshop. I specalize exclusively in the production of handcrafted soloist and concert mandolins as well as mandolas of superior quality and in the restoration of modern and historical instruments. Close cooperation with renowned mandolin solists makes it possible for me to produce master instruments of the highest quality which meet the requirements of easy playability, optmal tone formation, good response and consistant quality of balance. Only high quality stocks of tone wood, naturally seasoned for many years, are used in the caraful workmanship of the instruments. All of my instruments are subjected to continued further development. Individual costumer request are incorporated into the construction so that your personal instrument becomes a unique specimen. Prizewinners of international competitions for interpretation of the solo mandolin proved their high playing capability on the soloist mandolins. The impressive sound properties of my instruments are demonstrated by solo interpretations of renowned mandolinists of the top winning levels at international and national concerts as well as at many CD-productions. Numerous plucked instrument orchestras and ensenbles, both at home and abroad, give pleasure to their audiences by music performances of high standard by playing my sophisticated and reliable concert instruments. I will pleased to diskuss your special requests or answer any questions you may have.